Annual and Sustainability Report 2020


Brim is a leading company in the fishing industry and actively participates in the development of the Icelandic community.

Brims role is to increase value creation in the fishing industry in harmony with the community and the environment. In that way Brim creates value for staff, customers, shareholders and the community as a whole. With responsible fishing and processing where the emphasis is on sustainability and innovation, we will ensure that the fishing industry continues to be a pillar of Icelandic society.

With a steady supply of high-quality seafood products and a targeted sales and marketing efforts, Brim’s seafood products will be sought after and return benefits to all stakeholders.

Brim has a leading role in social responsibility and places great emphasis on environmental issues and innovation. The company has established a clear human resources policy with an emphasis on equality, safety and working conditions for employees. When recruiting, emphasis is placed on hiring qualified, reliable and performance-oriented individuals.


For the fourth year in a row, Brim reports on the non-financial aspects of its operations and it is a pleasure to publish a joint annual and community report for the first time. Sustainability and environmental issues have played an important role in Brim’s operations in recent years, and it is therefore time to publish one report that gives a clear view of the operations and its effects on the environment and community.

All information in the report is in accordance the knowledge that we have at the time of writing, but is not an exhaustive examination of all the effects that Brim has on the environment, community and/or the economy. The report is not reviewed by a third party but EFLA has reviewed the presentation and information on environmental aspects.

Information on the non-financial aspects of the operation is prepared in accordance with the GRI Standard (Global Reporting Initiative GRI100-400). and Nasdaq’s UFS guidelines.